Parsing complex web pages safely with htmllib.HTMLParser

montanaro at montanaro at
Thu Jan 24 18:33:10 EST 2002

    >> I'm not sure how XHTML will solve the problem.  Instead of broken
    >> HTML we'll have to contend with broken XHTML.

    amk> Mozilla doesn't accept invalid XHTML, and neither does IE.  For
    amk> example, when I point either Mozilla or IE 6 at
    amk>, I get this page:

That's encouraging.  Regarding Opera's mystic message, I suspect it may be a
case of them not quite being there with a new parsing engine.  I reported a
table display problem to them yesterday and got back the response that they
are working on a new display engine.  Hopefully the same is true for the
parsing side of the equation.

[ot: Opera is the first browser I ever liked well enough to pay for.]

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