indexed() generator

Jonathan Hogg jonathan at
Fri Jan 25 11:58:39 EST 2002

On 25/1/2002 16:31, in article usn8ufl0k.fsf at, "Michael Hudson"
<mwh at> wrote:

> Guido has consistent rejected such ideas.  I don't know why, but I
> think it's a little pointless to try to change his mind.

Aha. I hadn't heard that bit of history.

>> Still, I'd want to move 'map' and 'reduce' into such a module, and I guess
>> it's too late to reorganise builtins ;-)
> Yes.
> reduce() has to be the most useless builtin around.  I'd remove it, if
> it was an option.

Ah, but you see that's why I'd like to see the builtins reorganised. I'm
aware that many people have no use for the functional-style definitions like
'map' and 'reduce'. I personally think they are tremendously useful. [But
then I programmed in Haskell for years.]

I don't want to see them removed, but moved into another module. Perhaps for
Python 3... ;-)

> Hmm, I thought it had been rejected (see above).  I'll prod
> python-dev, perhaps.

According to the site it's in the "Open PEPs (under consideration for Python
2.3)" section as a draft.


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