IDE for developing cross-platform GUI Windows/Linux/Mac apps

François Granger fgranger at
Wed Jan 23 17:40:30 EST 2002

Phil Thompson <phil at> wrote:

> François Granger wrote:
> > 
> > > PyQT?  Qt 3 is available for all these platforms and the PyQT binding as
> > > well, isn't it?
> > 
> > Is it really ?
> > I would love to learn this !
> > 
> > I am on a Mac with OS 9
> I have not ported PyQt to the Mac simply because I don't have a
> development platform. The amount of work to do so wouldn't be too great.
> If people are interested in a Mac port then some kind soul needs to
> donate to me the necessary hardware and software. (This is how the
> Windows port happened.)

Sometime I feel like I am the only hobbyist developper on MacPython on
MacOS 9.xx.)

"Le sol n'oublie rien, il transmet."
- Danièle

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