Is there any way can make me using python with mysql on win32

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at
Sun Jan 6 00:31:44 EST 2002

Le 06/01/02 à 11:17, Kick écrivit:
> I have tried odbc, but the odbc.odbc function don't allow me transfer user
> and password to mysql and mx.ODBC.Windows.Connect raised a error
> "[TCX][MySQL] doesn't support transaction"
> What shall I do?

I'm sure it's possible with ODBC, but I'd just scrap mxODBC and use
MySQLdb instead (if only because I know it better); it's a DB-API 2.0
Python database for MySQL.

Get it here:

You can get Windows installers for Python versions from 1.5.2 up to 2.2.

Then, build a connection with

import MySQLdb
con = MySQLdb.connect(host="somehost", user="someuser",\
                      passwd="somepwd", db="dbname")

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