Mono and Python

Don Tuttle tuttledon at
Fri Jan 4 05:55:38 CET 2002

"Samuele Pedroni"
> That sounds pretty "intimidatory".  Anyway I repeat,
> you probably don't need any kind of hero, just a bunch
> of more or less motivated people.
> Jython is 35 KLOC of core plus 10 KLOC
> for the built-in modules and I'm counting blank
> lines too ;).
> Writing it was a *big* *thing* from the part
> of Jim Hugunin (btw all my acknowledgements),
>  but now every one can read the code,
> it's prior art.
> I think that probably much of the ideas and code in Jython
> have a straightforward translation to C#/CLR/.NET...
> You can also try other approaches and someone
> brilliant will do that ... but this is a doable path.

Sounds like a plan! Sure you don't want to give it a go?  ;-)


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