Jason Orendorff jason at
Thu Jan 24 03:14:07 EST 2002

olav viken wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm having a problem passing the '#-character' to a cgi-script.
> The cgi script is invoked with a url as this:
> http:/myserver/"T:/test.htm#Mark"

The CGI script is behaving correctly; it's the URL that's incorrect.
Your browser is behaving correctly by *not* sending the # sign
(or anything after it) to the server.

Special characters like quotes, colons, and the # symbol must
be encoded if you want to include them in a URL.  You can encode
them with the urllib.quote() function.

>>> import urllib
>>> print urllib.quote('"T:/test.htm#Mark"')

So this is the correct URL:


It looks strange, but the CGI module understands it and will
automatically convert the encoded characters back to normal
characters for you.  Try it.

## Jason Orendorff

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