A Python IDE idea - looking for input

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Thu Jan 3 21:52:36 EST 2002

"Steve Holden" <sholden at holdenweb.com> wrote in
news:615Z7.66809$a56.41934 at atlpnn01.usenetserver.com: 

>> The language I would think of using for such a project would be c++
>> with wxWindows.
> Erm, wouldn't Python be a faster alternative? Once the initial
> implementation was complete you could optimise the really slow bits
> (if there were any) in C or C++.

I really hate this step. Why cannot python be faster?
I choose python because it is easier to program with.
Now if I want to write a good program, I have
to use 2 languages which is not easier anymore.

Interpreter can be made to run fast. Why python cannot? 
Asking people to optimize with C is just an lame excuse. 

Of couse, python is free (as beer and freedem), so 
it is natural there are no people want to work on
a faster python at this moment. Still the C excuse sucks.

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