Tkinter & misc. questions

Lemniscate d_blade8 at
Thu Jan 10 18:37:22 EST 2002

Hi everybody,
    I've just got a couple quick questions.  I am building a GUI
interface into a program I wrote for work (boy, do people hate the
command line).  I am using Tkinter (mainly because I can finally get
some use out of those chapters in my Programming Python book :) ).  To
be honest I am having some fun with it (ever see a bunch of scientists
try to figure out what to say about a cursor that looks like gumby?). 
Anyways, I was wondering if there was a way to insert a picture as the
cursor (you know, like you can do in JavaScript).  I know there are a
ton of choices already, but I have a specific picture (icon, whatever
you want to call it) my boss' boss wants to use for a particular
function.  I did some research myself and saw a lot of questions about
turning a cursor invisible, but (so far) have found nothing that I
think is relevant (though I could be wrong).
     The next question is a bit off-topic but I figured you guys and
gals are the ones to ask.  I'm looking for a webhosting service
(actually my wife is, she has a geocities account that is always being
locked out because she exceeds the monthly transfer quota).  Any
recommendations.  I've looked around at some reviews, but I trust
personal reviews more than review articles.  Thanks.

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