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"Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> writes:

> Maintenance and repair is where most of the U.S. dollars are going,
> instead of new, better, easier to use software.

This is true, and we will continue to see that ration get bigger as we
see less capital available to rebuild/renew computing infrastructure.

> My question to you is: Are you attacking me with the above arguements?

I don't think he is at all, he is trying to gently prod you to take a
step back from trying to get contributors from usenet and spend some
time getting a better example code set than you have now.

> I gave links, even in my original post.

I've read almost all of them, and I understand what you see VIC as.
Might I suggest that you perhaps set your sights for an example code
on a project which is completable in a year or so of work in your
spare time, and when complete may not ever be part of the finished
VIC, but will embody the model of user interaction you are talking

Having a software object they can interact with, that they can test
out and explore would be a good example of using the principles of VIC
to bootstrap a larger project that might actually turn out a real
usable implementation of VIC.

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