Python on Tandy Model 102?

Tim Peters at
Mon Jan 14 13:20:44 EST 2002

[Dan Hamm]
> I know this is a weird question, but does anyone know if
> someone has ported Python to be able to use it on an old Tandy
> Model 102 laptop?  This machine> has a small Basic interpreter,
> and I was just thinking it might be able to handle Python as well.

[Sean 'Shaleh' Perry]
> would enough python to be usable fit on a tandy?

Not even in a ballpark in the same galaxy.  The Model 102 had 24KB RAM,
expandable to a whopping 32KB (I paid about $80.00 for an 8KB upgrade chip
for my Model 100 way back when).

> You need the interpreter plus at least 3 modules.  This has always
> been my biggest complaint about python -- I can not really write code
> without using a from or import statment.

The number of modules has little to do with the minimum size needed.  If we
wrote it as one giant C main(), it still wouldn't fit in 24KB -- and all
your .py and .pyc files and runtime stack and heap have to fit in that 24KB

there's-a-reason-early-pc-basics-sucked-ly y'rs  - tim

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