Python MSVC++ binaries considered evil

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Wed Jan 23 10:07:50 CET 2002

John Machin:
> Certainly one needs to pay money for the standard retail version.
> Whether it is value for money, I can't say, as I've never used it.
> There is a "free" version available as part of the absolutely
> humungous .NET beta SDK; however it doesn't support code optimisation,
> and when I tried to build a module with it, it failed, grumbling it
> couldn't find I_forget_which.h :-(

   The release version of the .NET SDK contains the non-optimising command
line compiler and is still free. The headers and libraries can be downloaded
as part of the Platform SDK. and then follow the "Download the Final Release
of the .NET Framework SDK" link. The resulting URL is too long to paste here
and may be different for different browsers.


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