PEP 214 - Why not print >> string?

Robert Amesz sheershion at
Thu Jan 10 17:26:25 EST 2002

Daniel Dittmar wrote:

> You could create a subclass of UserString with a write method added.

ISTR there also should be an attribute which the print statment uses to 
determine if it should write a space to the output before outputting a 
field. I'm too lazy to look for it in the docs, but it's there 
somewhere. I have used that it a couple of times to be able to output 
text to a window in wxPython using print statements.

But it makes a lot more sense to use a function which does exactly the 
same as print and returns a string:

def Print(*args):
   return " ".join([str(x) for x in args])

Much more Pythonic, IMHO.

Robert Amesz

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