Ann: Stackless 2.2 pre-alpha is ready!

Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Jan 28 19:58:09 EST 2002

Dear Python community,

Stackless Python 2.2 is alive!

This is the first alpha version.
It does not have any relevant changes to the interpreter.
It does not have any limitation on switching.
Support code for uthreads and coroutines is already implemented.

And as announced, it is completely platform dependant.
This version works on MS Win32 only.
I'm going to support other platforms if I can find some sponsors.

Let me say, it works great! There is no single problem. This
technique can be applied to any software, any interpreter,
provided I can support the platform.

*** This is a critical phase for Stackless! ***
*** I Am Asking For Corporate Sponsorships. ***

I don't know how things should go on.
I could turn it into a commercial product, Stackless is
enabled enough for this. Or I could continue to keep it
open-sourced, provided there is enough sponsorship.
This decision has to be discussed in the next two weeks,
after that I will decide.


Please check it out of CVS and have a look,
it is sooo small code now.
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at co stackless/src

You might want to add -z9 since this is a full Python 2.2 checkout.

In this state, I don't prepare a distribution.
You can build Stackless from CVS. I also put a copy
of my python22.dll here for testing:

It is just almost 2 percent slower on my W2k machine.
The trick is to avoid stack switching as much as possible.
I do it only on every 8th recursion level, which is
more than what's usual.

 >>> def f(n):
...     if n:f(n-1)
 >>> import sys
 >>> sys.setrecursionlimit(100000+10)
 >>> f(100000)

ciao - chris

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