Web site hosting supporting Python

jchan at syzygy.org jchan at syzygy.org
Wed Jan 9 00:32:52 EST 2002

Robin Munn <rmunn at pobox.com> wrote:

> I use CubeSoft (csoft.net) and have had nothing but good experience with
> them so far. They host on Linux and OpenBSD machines and offer a whole
> bunch o' stuff, including Python. And you get ssh access and a shell
> account: I've done most of my web pages by editing the HTML right on the
> server with vi. Check out http://csoft.net/ for their pricing - from $5
> a month for the basic package to $25 a month for the full package.

Unfortunately my experience with csoft.net has been quite negative. I quit
using csoft.net about a year ago after they screwed up a number of billings
for my clients. It would have been okay if they had handled it properly, but
they can't seem to get their accounting department (whoever that person
was/is) to deal with accepting money.

To their credit, csoft does have a solid service on the computing side. I
would consider moving back to them once they get their act together. For a
while there when they were migrating to *BSD, they moved people's accounts
onto different machines without notifying them. I considered that


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