Which LIBC version under windows!!!!

Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Fri Jan 25 18:53:28 EST 2002

[Angus Mackay]
> The problem is that I am using a library that I am staticly
> linking to in my module. I do not want to re-compile this library
> because it uses slightly different compile settings than python and
> I do not want to recompile python either.
> how the hell can I tell which version to use:
>   Debug Multi-threaded
>   Debug Multi-threaded DLL
>   Multi-threaded
>   Multi-threaded DLL
> this sucks big time.

Always use multi-threaded DLLs for everything, and then you won't tie
yourself into knots by agonizing over whether there's a real choice.

> python should really have thought about passing FILE* pointers
> between DLLs in terms of Windows and all its suckiness before doing it.

Unfortunately, the Macintosh compiler Guido first used to develop Python
(back around 1990) didn't display warnings about potential Windows DLL

> I still can't believe how sucky the LIBC situation is under Windows.

When you're offered a choice, you're not required to pick a different answer
each time <0.7 wink>.

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