pymat dircolors matlab

les ander les_ander at
Thu Jan 17 22:47:05 EST 2002

i thought i post a solution to a nagging problem i had just incase
some one runs into a similar situation.
i have a redhat 7.1 running on i386. I wanted to change my
the way the colors were displayed on the xterm so i
used dircolors and put in my login script so that every time
that open an xterm the new colors go into effect. Then the next
day i tried using pymat but i would get a run time error
"could not start matlab engine!" . I thought i must have broken some
link when i installed some other rpms. so tried to figure out
what went wrong but to avail. anyways, then i removed the dircolors.rc
file and restarted the X. Viola ! it worked. 

i think the color codes that dircolors uses causes some problem when
pymat tries to pass or fetch data to matlab.

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