Idle wait for outstanding threads?

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Thu Jan 31 08:11:59 EST 2002

alanmk at (Alan Kennedy) wrote in message 
> I've coded myself a little sample program that uses
> 'threading.Thread's and 'join's and it works just fine. However, it is
> consuming *massive* amounts of memory.
> I'm going to start a new thread about the memory consumption.

D'oh! Alan smack self on forehead and sports *very* sheepish grin :*)

Sorry for the false alarm, the "massive memory consumption" resulted
from flagrant abuse of the range function.

I forgot that statements such as

for x in range(1000000):

actually create data structures with 1000000 entries........

My penance: Write out 1000000 times:-
The range function is not a generator.
The range function is not a generator.

sheepish-ly yrs.


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