Succesfull compile, but bug in Python ?? (was: Re: Distutils prerequisites...)

Max M maxm at
Sat Jan 26 20:18:36 EST 2002

Max M wrote:

>> Should work.  Just install it, and try again.
> I did, and the setup stopped with::


>   File "C:\python\Python21\lib\distutils\", line 220, in 
> __init__
>     os.environ['path'] = string.join(path,';')
>   File "C:\python\Python21\Lib\", line 128, in join
>     return sep.join(words)
> UnicodeError: ASCII decoding error: ordinal not in range(128)
> So maybe I am having problems because I am running on a Danish version 
> of Windows 2000 ?

I guess that I can partly answer that question myself now. I installed 
service pack 5 for Visual C. And that made no difference. So I looked in 
the file:

"C:\python\Python21\lib\distutils\ at line 220." And 
there was a "path" variable of type list. One of the list items was a 
Danish versions of "c:/Program Files/shared files .... etc." called:

u'C:\\Programmer\\Fælles filer\\Adaptec Shared\\System'

so my guess was that the Danish letter 'æ' was causing the problem.

I then added the two line of code:

if u'C:\\Programmer\\Fælles filer\\Adaptec Shared\\System' in path:
     path.remove(u'C:\\Programmer\\Fælles filer\\Adaptec Shared\\System')

to "" before line 220. That made the darn thing compile. 
So now I have a working version of ZODB tested with:

     >>> import ZODB
     >>> import ZODB.FileStorage
     >>> ZODB.FileStorage.__version__


But the problem with the "ASCII decoding error" I get from 
""C:\python\Python21\Lib\", line 128" isn't that a bug??

I mean, it should be possible to use International characters in in a 
pathname and still have Distutils working ... right?

Has anybody got an idea if it is a problem in the os, string or 
distutils package?? until I find out I have no idea as to whom I shall 
submit a bug report.

regards Max M

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