Intel C/C ++ compiler for Linux for Pytrhon extension?

Mike Müller mmueller at
Sun Jan 27 13:21:11 EST 2002

Gerhard Häring 
> 1. Set up the environment for the Intel compiler:
>     . /usr/local/intel/compiler50/ia32/bin/
> 2. Tell the configure script to use the Intel compiler:
>     export CC=icc
>     ./configure 
> 3. Rebuild and install Python:
>     make install
> Suspiciously easy.
> 4. Run pystone :)
> Gerhard

Thanks a lot (also to Martin).

I will do as you told me and will post the outcome here.

Since it will take a few weeks until I have access to the target Linux
system, it will be postponed till then. I might try on a different
system before hand. But I am very busy with other things right now
(deadlines) and new to Linux as an development platform, so everything
might take some time (and some more questions here?).

At least I know that I can use this compiler and can plan things


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