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Mon Jan 28 17:02:25 CET 2002

On 28-Jan-02 01:08:23 Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>Timothy Rue wrote:
>> On 27-Jan-02 17:05:23 Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>> >Christopher Browne wrote:
>> >> It sort of looks like the denizens of comp.sys.amiga.misc drove him
>> >> from there, and he as a result headed to comp.lang.python and
>> >> gnu.misc.discuss to spread his "vision."
>> >I dug up pieces of the sordid history with the Amiga newsgroup, but
>> >I didn't find evidence that they actually drove him out.  Do you have
>> >any details on how that process worked, or are you just guessing?
>> >That information may become more relevant after a while....
>> Why the negative connotation Peter?

>It wasn't supposed to be just a "connotation", it was supposed to
>be outright negative.

If that is your attitude, then why are you responding to the project here?

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