Ruby Impressions

Giorgi Lekishvili gleki at
Fri Jan 11 14:10:38 EST 2002

Hi all!

A few questions on Ruby:

- is there OO optional, like in Python?

-is it comparable with LISP in the same extent, as a functional
programming language, as Python?

-does it have as refind scientific stuff, like MMTK and SciPy?

I must say, that using 'self' each time is annoying, but it is not a
serious argument to drop using Python:)))

Nevertheless, it would be fine if there's something like DELPHI Pascal's
or VB's 'with' statement, e.g.,
with self:



IB wrote:

> Hello, Paul:
> Just a thought here...
> I am new to Python too and before diving into it I spent some time
> researching what language would satisfy the following:
> 1. Must be free open source
> 2. Must be true multiplatform with ports to Windows, Linux and MacOS.
> 3. Must have same or comparable to Perl's number of packages covering
> GUI, databases, expert systems, numerical programming, web, TCP/IP and
> graphics programming. The main packages must be updated on a regular
> basis for new versions of the language and must have ports to all of
> those major platforms.
> 4. Must be easily extendable and imbeddable. (Then it must have a good
> selection of books on it. Otherwise you have to supply general
> documentation on the language with every application where you imbed
> it.)
> 5. Applications must be rather easy to distribute.
> 6. Must support OOP with possibility to mix it with functional
> programming.
> 7. Preferrably clean and clear syntax.
> The best two candidates were Perl and Python. Python won by the last
> item - its syntax. (Actually, I had another item on the list - the
> language should be rather common to 3D graphics community. I believe
> Python is unsurpassed here. Just to name few examples - Blender,
> PoserPro and trueSpace use Python. VTK has bindings for Python.)
> I have not look into Ruby, though. I thought it is just Yet Another
> Programming Language. It would be interesting to see how items 1-7
> apply to Ruby and see how Ruby does in comparison to Python and Perl.
> I would appreciate if someone will continue the thread with a follow
> up on this.
> --Igor

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