Checking for keywords in several lists

Heiko Wolf heiko.wolf at
Thu Jan 24 11:48:06 CET 2002


imagine some lists of strings like

list1_words = ('word1','word2')
list2_words = ('word3','word4')

Now I want to check if string is whether in list1_words or in
list2_words. I can do that by

if string in list1_words:
  do something
elif string in list2_words:
  do something else

But if these lists get more, it is very uncomfortable doing it the
if/elif -way.
Any other suggestions?

I thought of something like

list1_words = ('word1','word2','function1')
list2_words = ('word3','word4','function2')

if string in *_words 
  execute *_words[2]

to execute the funtion that is given in that list.
I know that it doesn't work exactly that way, but perhaps someone
knows something that leads to such a function...

Cheers, Heiko

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