Which LIBC version under windows!!!!

Angus Mackay amackay at radical.ca
Sat Jan 26 00:27:45 CET 2002

The problem is that I am using a library that I am staticly linking to in my
module. I do not want to re-compile this library because it uses slightly
different compile settings than python and I do not want to recompile python

how the hell can I tell which version to use:
  Debug Multi-threaded 
  Debug Multi-threaded DLL
  Multi-threaded DLL

this sucks big time.

python should really have thought about passing FILE* pointers between DLLs in
terms of Windows and all its suckiness before doing it. I still can't believe
how sucky the LIBC situation is under Windows.

cheers, Angus.

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> Le 25/01/02 à 13:25, Angus Mackay écrivit:
> > okay, this is driving me crazy.
> >
> > which LIBC version do I have to use to allow me to play nice with the FILE*'s
> > that I get back from the python DLL?
> >
> > I can't believe how retarted windows is when it comes to LIBC. it boggles the
> > mind.
> The short answer to your question is: use distutils and it will just
> work :)
> IIRC it's the multithreaded MSVCRT one - I hope one of the Windows
> wizards here will correct me if I'm wrong.
> You can also check the distutils source (msvccompiler.py) for options to
> use in your IDE or Makefiles. I'd suggest that the following options are
> good for release/debug builds with MSVC++:
>         self.compile_options = [ '/nologo', '/Ox', '/MD', '/W3', '/GX' ]
>         self.compile_options_debug = ['/nologo', '/Od', '/MDd', '/W3', '/GX',
>                                       '/Z7', '/D_DEBUG']
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