OT (maybe): Shareable Mail

Justin Sheehy justin at iago.org
Fri Jan 25 20:42:30 CET 2002

"Chris Gonnerman" <chris.gonnerman at newcenturycomputers.net> writes:

>> It sounds like what they really need is an email-capable
>> issue-tracking system.  There are loads of these out there that work
>> well, some free, some commercial.

> Any suggestions?


RT (http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt/) is very nice, free, and has a
veryresponsive and clueful lead developer.  It has web, email, and
command-line interfaces.  The web interface as of 2.x is very nice and
runs fully on just about every browser.

(Roundup looks nice, but is probably not ready for serious production
use yet.)

There are others, but I'd try RT first.



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