Triggering a Python process

DeepBleu DeepBleu at
Fri Jan 11 18:21:14 CET 2002

The Python project I am working on so far does the following:
1.  Allows users via a browser to upload a file to a Solaris 8 machine using
Python CGI.  The script inspects the file uploaded to determine if it is
zipped or not.  If zipped, it unzips it into its components.  Then it
performss some rules on the text in the file,  Then it FTP's it into ANOTHER
Solaris 8 machine.  This is all in one script.
2.  The files received on the second machine are then sent using a second
Python script into an Oracle database processing facility.

The second Python script is run every couple of hours to check for any files
that were FTP'd.
So, this is my question:
Are there any 'fancy' methods by which the second Python script on the
second machine is automatically triggered when the file is FTP'd
successfully from the first macine to the second machine?
I ask out of curiousity and trying to see if it is possible to streamline
the whole project to flow in one step across different macihines.
By the way, this is my first project on a Unix.
Any hints are welcome.

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