Python is just as good as C++ for real apps

Courageous jkraska at
Sat Jan 26 20:52:32 CET 2002

>All I was trying to do was to explain a way to think about
>declarations to make it more intuitive why
>int*  p,i,j,k;
>doesn't do what people sometimes think it ought.

Yes, and all I was really trying to do was point out that
I view this as apologism. My position is that this is a
wart of the language; hence, any jaundiced representation
to help oneself cope with it is apologism per se. Now that
you say it, however, I can see the utility in your perspective.

I do things differently, myself. I declare things this way:

int* p1;
int* p2;

I never do line compaction. That's how _I_ deal with this
particular language wart.


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