[Mac OSX] Import curses error, [MacPython] simple question

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Jan 28 15:47:49 CET 2002

Kenny <kccw at well.ox.ac.uk> writes:

> Hello All,
> 	Just taken the leap into learning python and  I've run into a
> problem regarding curses. I "installed" the pre-compiled version off Apple
> website.
> 	When I typed "import curses" at the intepreter line, it gave me an
> import error regarding the fact that it could not find _curses. Looking
> through the curses directory, I can't find its _curses either. However, I
> have access to Debian Linux at Uni and perusal of their Python 2.2
> installation reveals a similar story.
> 	So the question is, do I have to compile Python 2.2 for MacOSX
> from source (are there any things I should watch out for if I need to do
> this) or is there way of installing _curses without having to
> compile Python 2.2?

MacOS X (apparently, I have no first hand knowledge of this) comes
with an unbelievably ancient version of the curses library.  To get
curses running on MacOS X you first need to install a recent version
of (n)curses, and then build Python from source.  Actually, you could
probably just build the _curses module from source, but building all
of the rest of Python is probably not much harder.

> 	My second regards MAcPython for the MacOS9, is there any way of
> implementing curses on this setup?

Doubt it.

PS: mac questions are likely to get a better response on the 

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