How to disable USB?

Grzegorz Dostatni grzegorz at
Sat Jan 12 16:43:26 EST 2002

I've got a small problem. I cannot boot into Linux anymore (I am running Mandrake 8.0). The system hangs on loading the USB module.  How and where do I disable it?  I can still boot into WinBlows, but all of my REAL work is done on Linux.  What could be causing the problem?  I did play with the hardware a bit just bofore that happened - I removed the floppy drive.  The computer boots into WinBlows without any problems, I just have problems with Linux.
If this helps, my motherboard is from Asus, model A7v. I have nothing using USB at the moment, so I don't mind just disabling it.  If there is a better solution - letting me know would be appreciated.  The system DID work before I messed with the hardware...  



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