eval(repr(x)) == x

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>I still can't see it.  I generally use doctest for unit tests, and it does 
>lend itself to working that way (just cutting and pasting an interactive
>session) without dependency on eval and repr being inverse.  The
>*only* p.i.t.a with doctest is that with every Python release the exact
>wording of some exception or other changes, so that all tests that
>involve that exception "break" until they've been 'fixed' to reflect the
>wording in the new version (and then you can't run them under the
>previous version any more) -- basically it's very impractical for test
>suites intended to survive from one Python version to the next, or
>work across two Python versions.  But that wouldn't be fixed by any
>change to repr...

Heh.  That's (part of) why I'm using my own exceptions.
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