os.popen3 unsave/limited?

Timo Linna timo.SPAM.linna at iki.ME.fi.NOT.invalid
Tue Jan 22 01:36:27 EST 2002

"Johannes Eble" <skywalkerpackage at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:3c4c626f.34231622 at news.online.de...

> I am using AktivePython 2.1 (WinPython) and Win98.
> I want to redirect stderr to Python.
> I have tried to execute a DOS exe file (a compiler) with os.popen3
> with many options.

I've had similar problems with ActivePython 2.1 and WinNT. I couldn't find
the cause so I had to use os.popen4 instead.

> It also happens with no compiler options so it doesn't seem to have
> somthing to do with the string limit. Maybe somebody has already used
> os.popen3 in a launcher for a compiler.

I was using GCC. os.popen3 worked fine until something was printed to the


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