Saving files on a user´s comp uter with browser ("re-post")

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Jan 6 10:17:04 EST 2002

Bragi Baldursson wrote:
> could write a Cookie to some set location on a users OS.  But isn´t it
> highly likely that the Cookie area gets cleaned out regularily???? I

No, it's not highly likely, because most users detest having to type 
userids and passwords to a zillion different websites whenever they surf.  
That's what cookies are most often used for: keep user information (e.g. 
for identification and authentication) so users won't need to retype it a 
zilllion times.

> need a persistent file object where I can store this.

You can't stop the user from (accidentally or otherwise) deleting this 
file, whatever method you use.  It won't happen often, but occasionally it 
will (or some users may prefer to have to type in everything repeatedly 
rather than risk their "privacy" being invaded by anything written on their 
disk, so they may reject cookies).  So, make sure to have an alternative 
way of access, if the cookie isn't coming back, so the user CAN also type 
userid and password explicitly (and provide a way for users who forget 
their passwords to have them mailed to their known mail addresses, etc).

But cookies will be handy for most users most of the time.


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