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> i have a program that runs every night at 12:30 (i guess that's morning)
> give a 5 minute countdown and then shut my computer down.  i am in law
> school, and i have class in the morning, so i need something to warn me
> time for python-ing is over.
> problem is, if i am in another room my computer shuts down and i lose
> unsaved work.  beeps help.

Have your program look for mouse movements after 12:30.  As soon as it
detects them, it should start the 5 minute countdown (and should give you a
chance to cancel it).  In this way, if you are working on the machine at
12:30, it'll behave as you wish, beeping away for five minutes and then
shutting down.  But if you are away, asleep, or otherwise occupied, it won't
take any action until you return (or the cat bumps it).

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