PyAppBar -- bug fix, nifty widget

Keith Farmer kfarmer at
Thu Jan 31 23:58:57 CET 2002

That is your opinion.  Frankly, I have zero problems with IE, whereas I was
always crashing with NS -- a browser which doesn't bother to support CSS the
way it ought.  Perhaps you should take time to reevaluate your ideas of
sensibility, and what my website is compliant with.

But that is a matter that has nothing to do with this thread.

Keith J. Farmer
kfarmer at

"(Five Fresh) Fish" <root at> wrote in message
news:3c599fe0.14487672 at

> In other words, you've pretty much eliminated the sensible-thinking part
> the web-browsing population from your site.  Bummer for me; hope it sits
> okay with you.

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