[NEWBIE] ftplib error?

Pedro Rodriguez pedro_rodriguez at club-internet.fr
Thu Jan 17 08:41:13 EST 2002

"Bruce Dykes" <bkd at graphnet.com> wrote:

> I'd like to assume that a) when I fail to provide a port to the ftp
> client, it will use the default port, and b) if I fail to provide a port
> to ftplib.FTP() it will use the default port, and c) in the same
> environment, for the same user, that default port will be the same. 8-)
> But I'll gladly stand corrected if that's an unwarranted assumption.

Speaking for Unix (don't know for NT), ftp command line should query the
services file (/etc/services or NIS) with a system call like getservbyname,
while in ftplib the port number is hardwired if you don't provide yours.

>> The bottom line, however, is that his client isn't connecting. Until he
> can
>> achieve a connection, the rest is just noise, right Bruce?
> Not so much noise, as much as not yet relevant, but educational
> nonetheless. My first step, before I start sniffing ports, is to fire up
> an ftp server on my own machine, and try to connect to127.0.0.1. If that
> fails, well, you'll be hearing about this again. Let's hope it doesn't
> come to that. That would just be too freaky. 8-)

I ended up doing this when testing ftpcube ;)

[OT : what is a Tandem system ? 
      Thought it was a VMS when I saw your cwd ]



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