compile error '--with-cxx=c++'

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Sun Jan 27 11:45:13 CET 2002

"Jochen Küpper" <jochen at> writes:

> Linking with c++ instead of gcc works.

Please submit a bug report to SF. If you want to investigate: Python's
configure performs a test whether CC can link a program compiled with
CXX, following the lines

# LINKCC is the command that links the python executable -- default is $(CC).
# If CXX is set, and if it is needed to link a main function that was
# compiled with CXX, LINKCC is CXX instead. Always using CXX is undesirable:
# python might then depend on the C++ runtime

For some reason, this test passes on your system, yet linking of
Python still fails. It would be good if you could find out how to
reformulate the test (or determine why it passed).


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