Ruby Impressions

Dan Schmidt dfan at
Mon Jan 14 11:17:20 EST 2002

"Jürgen A. Erhard" <jae at> writes:

| Stuff like "$_ and friends", "the single-quoted / double-quoted string
| distinction" are what put me off *lots*.

I never use $_ and friends in my Ruby code.  You are allowed to be
explicit, and I choose to be.  I believe Matz has said recently that
he regretted bringing over all the $punctuation shortcuts from Perl.

| PS: Most folks I've seen liking Ruby came from Perl... coincidence?

I moved from Perl to Python, and now that I've discovered Ruby, I use
Python and Ruby about equally.

| PPPS: One test: how do I do the equivalent of Python's "dict={1:2};
| print dict; lst=[1,2,3]; print lst"... tried that in Perl, was
| completely ugly.  Is Ruby better?

dict = { 1 => 2 }
p dict
lst = [1, 2, 3]
p lst


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