win32all-142 available (Long)

Guenter Szolderits g.szolderits at
Sun Jan 6 16:15:16 CET 2002

"Carl Caulkett" <carlca at> wrote:
> Aha! It seems that under Python 2.2, dir(obj), when applied to a class
> returns attributes for ancestor classes whereas in 2.1 it doesn't:


> I assume this is by design, although I cannot find any mention of it in
> the 2.2 docs. Comments?

This is new since Python 2.2a3. From NEWS.txt:

"The builtin dir() now returns more information, and sometimes much more,
generally naming all attributes of an object, and all attribtes reachable
from the object via its class, and from its class's base classes, an so on
from them too. ..."


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