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Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 28 00:44:47 EST 2002

Timothy Rue wrote:
> The first command, AI, starts up the VIC shell and give that instance of
> The second command, PK, keeps information about all the commands, such as
> The third command, OI, allows you to get information into variables and
> The fourth command, IP, represents where input is gotten from. This is
> The fifth command, OP, is similar to IP but is the set for where ouptut
> The sixth command, SF, controls how it process sequential lines in files.
> The seventh command, IQ, is a multi-depth search engine that sends
> The eigth command, ID, goes thru a list of user definable test. Upon
> The Ninth command, KE, keeps user definable information that helps

Hee hee...  you just made all that up on the spot, didn't you?

I've implemented an improved shell, which I call NYKEE, which I believe
is an improvement over VIC, based on a single command that is 
"in everything we do".  That command is DI (Do It), and you just pass 
it arguments describing what you want done.  It's that easy!  I 
can even give examples:

 DI var = open('filename')
 DI lines = var.readlines()
 DI print len(lines)

That's all there is to it!  Why waste your time implementing VIC,
when my shell is already complete!  I even made it backwards 
compatible with a common programming language, so it would be
easy for programmers to use too.  Just strip the DI command
off the front of each line and paste the raw parameters into
a file with extension .py.  Then type "python filename" and
the program will run, even outside of my framework!

Thank you, thank you.  (bowing)....


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