Another Language Change for Debate

Joseph A Knapka jknapka at
Sun Jan 13 00:39:50 EST 2002

Courageous wrote:
> Face it, though, one way or another all of these various
> kinds of things are just different kinds of syntactic sugar.

And what is a high-level language but syntactic sugar for
ones and zeros? <g>

Personally, I like the "One Obvious Way, or Maybe A Couple,
But Only If They're Orthogonal" philosophy embodied in Python.
If there's not a real /need/ to add an additional Way To
Do something, I can happily live with the existing way. The
"self" thing is totally obvious, occasionally irritating,
and just fine the way it is, IMO.

(Hmm... "Our chief means of constructing lists is the
append() method, and list comprehensions... Our TWO chief
means of constructing lists: append() and list comprehensions,
and list += list.... AMONG OUR METHODS of constructing

and-an-almost-fanatical-devotion-to-the-bdf-ly y'rs,


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