Pythonically-expressed nested-loop break?

Cesar Douady cesar.douady at
Fri Jan 18 04:18:28 EST 2002

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Timothy" <tdelaney at> wrote:

> I'm not intending to be insulting, but I ignored this suggestion when it
> first came up in the hopes that it would just quietly disappear.

That was my reaction too.

> One of the big wins with Python is the lack of block delimiters. This is
> essentially creating block delimiters, but worse - they are optional and
> only used for some blocks. This is a Bad Thing(TM).
> Additionally IM(NS)HO, it is incredibly ugly. I mean *really* *really*
> ugly. It's kind of like comparing it to space. Space is big ... (see
> HHGTTG for the rest).

Count me with you.
Moreover, there already is a clean pythonic way of getting out of several
levels of strucutres (whether they are function calls, loops or
whatever): these are called exceptions.


> Tim Delaney

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