Linux+Python: need help, have comments...

dman dsh8290 at
Sun Jan 27 23:20:06 EST 2002

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 03:07:40AM +0000, Ron Stephens wrote:
| I switched to Linux two weeks ago. Works fine, I like it. One problem,
| can anyone help?
| I set up a crontab file using the crontab my_cron_file command. I
| checked it with crontab-l and it is fine. Even set up a cron.allow
| config file. my_cron_file is as such:
| 30 4 * * * python get all
| 30 5 * * * python
| 30 6 * * * python
| 30 7 * * * python
| When I run these scripts exactly as typed above, from the Bash shell,
| everything works as planned

| So
| something must be wrong with my_cron_file or something else in the way I
| have cron set up on my Linux box. If any Linux gurus can offer any
| suggestions, I am all ears ;-)))

How do you know your cron jobs don't work?  Did cron mail you an error
message?  I edit my crontab with "crontab -e" (I don't know exactly
where the file is stored, but cron takes care of that).  The only
guess I have is that "" isn't in $PWD when the cron job is
run.  If that is the case, put the full path to the file in your
| Again, I really like linux, I just wish I had more time to play with it.
| Python and Idle run just fine and Mandrake 8.1 is about as easy to set
| up and use as it could be. 

Linux rocks :-).  Debian is my preferred distribution, FYI, but is
harder for someone unfamiliar with unix/linux to jump right into.

| I do find it irritating that the clip and paste functionality doesn't
| work from my text editor to my email program, but I guess its not
| perfect yet. The Bash shell sure gives you a lot of functionality and
| power, and KDE is almost as slick as windows, except for the afore
| mentioned clipboard woes ;-)))

How are you trying to copy-n-paste?  For nearly all X apps (though
java AWT/Swing is horridly broken) highlight (left click-n-drag)
copies and middle-click pastes.  I don't use mozilla for mail and I
don't know what editor you use so I don't know if it behaves correctly
or not.  (check my User-Agent: and X-Editor: headers for my



The remote desktop feature of Windows XP is really nice (and *novel*!).
As a Microsoft consultant can *remotely* disable the personal firewall
and control the system.  We'll ignore the fact that this tampering with
the firewall is not logged, and more importantly, that the firewall
isn't restored when the clowns from Redmond are done with their job.
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