Serious privacy leak in Python for Windows

dsavitsk dsavitsk at
Thu Jan 17 07:05:56 CET 2002

"Max m" <maxm at> wrote in message news:3C45E519.1020104 at
> DeepBleu wrote:
> > "Max m" <maxm at> wrote in message news:3C45D535.9040006 at
> >>The obvious and simple solution could be to not surf the web from the
> >>server using IE.
> >>
> >
> > Maybe obvious and simple, but is it practical?
> > DeepBleu
> Not allways certainly. Hence the "could be". I mean, I would change
> browser well before I would change back to doing .asp in VBScript :-)
> In fact if VBScript was a sex partner, that I woke with in my arms, it
> would be so ugly that I would chew my arm of to avoid waking it up in
> the morning ;-)
> regards Max M

i find it difficult to believe that any person could be so unattractive that
chewing one's arm off would be less disruptive to their sleep than simply
gently moving one's arm.


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