How to import new Modules?

DeepBleu DeepBleu at
Wed Jan 30 18:09:42 CET 2002

>> import sys
then use as:
>> a=sys.argv[n]
where n is the index.
or use:
>> from sys import argv
then use as:
>> a=argv[n]
where n again is the index of the item in the list.

"Daniel Lewendel" <leva4ever at> wrote in message
news:a397o5$vb9$02$1 at
> Hi there,
> I want to import the SYS Module to use the ARGV function.
> How to do this? The Documentation is a little bit complex for a German
> like me...   :)
> The Background is that I have changed School and now i have to learn
> by my self. I use it on an Windows XP System and in school it works on an
> Unix system (SUSE Linux i guess). Can I use the Programms worked out at
> at school without any problems?
> thanks a lot for answer - Daniel

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