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> >That's an attitude.  It's an incorrect attitude, but it's one you share
> >with a fair number of people.  You might want to check up on the
> >workings of the for loop.
> You pompous fuckwit but thanks for your point of view.

Miss Manners writes "While it is not unusual to feel that a Usenet
correspondent is a pompous fuckwit, it is rarely necessary to point this
out. For one thing, you are likely to inflame your correspondent's
supporters, who will doubtless find it necessary to respond by calling you
equally pointless names, generating more heat than light and profiting only
the Internet service providers.

"Secondly, if the person concerned really *is* a pompous fuckwit, telling
them so is about as likely to have a useful effect as asking Alex Martelli
to get to the point while he is in full flight about some obscure aspect of
C+_ semantic or syntax.

"Thirdly, you run the risk of being though a pompous fuckwit yourself, or at
least taking yourself rather more seriously than is strictly necessary. As
Gene Spafford said: 'Don't sweat it -- it's not real life.  It's only ones
and zeroes.'"

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