RELEASED - Python 2.1.2c1

Tim Peters at
Fri Jan 11 07:24:16 CET 2002

[Paul Rubin]
> Can someone explain the protocol with these version numbers?

major . minor . micro

Micro releases are pure bugfix releases; 2.1.2 will be the second bugfix
release for version 2.1 of Python (the first bugfix release for 2.1 was
2.1.1).  Note that there are no new features in a bugfix release.  So, e.g.,
nothing new in 2.2 will appear in any 2.1.x release.

For more, read PEP 6 ("Bug Fix Releases").

> Will there continue to be 2.1.x releases?

Sorry, it's impossible to say -- it depends on whether anyone volunteers to
produce one.  We were surprised (in a delighted way) when Anthony Baxter
popped up with an offer to produce 2.1.2.  Heck, if someone cared enough to
do the work, there could even be a 1.5.3 release someday (go ahead -- hold
your breath <wink>).

> Or is 2.2 the real deal now?

If you want version 2.2 of Python, it's your only choice.  BTW, Anthony also
volunteered to produce a 2.2.1 release.

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