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>> > Well, but since there's no wxPython binding for Macs, it doesn't fit my
>> > requirements, correct?

See some other posts, there might be alpha versions around.

> I used Boa 0.3.x on win2k...very unstable, crashed quite often.  

AFAIK there never was a 0.3.x version, you probably talk about 0.0.3? 
Anyway I also tried Boa-Constructor and if you want to try it you
definatly want to have a recent version and check the mailing list.
It got a lot more stable after 0.0.3.

> I haven't tried qt yet simply because on windows there is only a 30 day
> free trial version, the nonrestricted copy costs too much for me to
> afford at this time.  

Note: qt is only Free Software for X11.

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