What does Python fix?

Robert Amesz sheershion at mailexpire.com
Sat Jan 19 19:03:27 EST 2002

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:

> Coming from a background in design, I (possibly too narrowly)
> associate greatness with the ability to transcend the rules, to
> establish new rules.  For me, genius ("the greatest minds") is the
> likes of Gaudi, Piccasso, Einstein or Ghandi, people who have
> introduced new ideas and approaches from a vision of power and
> depth. 

Be that as it may, nobody ever caught those people bottom-quoting!

Seriously though, breaking social rules is something quite different 
from breaking the rules of conventional thinking. The latter is done by 
geniuses as well as crackpots (and it's up to us to judge who is what), 
but knowingly breaking social rules is hardly ever anything more than 
being rude or inconsiderate. People who act that way might try to pass 
themselves off as 'unconventional', or cry 'freedom of expression' as 
an excuse for their behaviour. But it's a poor excuse, and I, for one, 
am not impressed.

Robert Amesz
(Hurrying back to some serious Python programming.)

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