win32 debugging-- python21_d.dll not found

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Jan 24 19:03:11 EST 2002

John J. Lee wrote:
> I compiled python21_d.dll and python21_d.exe with MSVC, and stuck the
> _d.dll in C:\winnt\system32 along with python.dll, and the _d.exe in
> C:\Python21, alongside python.exe.  When I try using python_d.exe, with an
> extension compiled with mingw32 against libpython21_d.a, I get a message
> box complaining that python21_d.dll couldn't be found, yet
> C:\winnt\system32 is listed in the search path given in that very message
> box.  Are DLLs not found by filename?  Or what?

Check that all dependent modules can be found.  Use the free "depends" 
tool to determine what other DLLs have been referenced by python21_d.dll 
are available.


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