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> On 27-Jan-02 12:37:41 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
> >Tim's problem is that he is very good at (probably inadvertently) rubbing
> >people up the wrong way.
> It is not uncommon for people to Preceive the VIC in terms of their own
> mindset.
What other choice do they have? Should they perceive it in terms of somebody
else's mindset (and how can they)?

> It is also not uncommon for people to accuse me of something and in that
> very post commit the very act they are acusing me of.
> There is enough evidence in your responses to prove this.
No,  I'm pretty sure Phil was quite deliberate in his attempts to rub you up
the wrong way, so he wasn't doing what he accused you of. There's a reason
for that. Stick with me, and pay close attention ...

The point being that you seem to have insufficient appreciation of language,
and cannot understand what people say to you. Your written work shows little
coherence (even ignoring the many typos, about which I am ill-positioned to
comment). In short, you do a bad job of making yourself understood.

This in itself would be OK, but then you proceed to castigate the world for
failing to understand you, as though it's up to *them* to make the effort.
Many people would be quite prepared to categorise this as arrogance.

For someone with such vague and weak ideas, you've been taken pretty
seriously in this newsgroup (and you'll notice I am including only
comp.lang.python in this mailing). You should understand one thing, however,
if you understand nothing else (proceeds to should for the second time in
recorded history):


Not your half-baked theories on ow we can achieve universal harmony with
only nine commands (not that there's anything wrong with universal harmony,
you understand). Not your childish meanderings about how the world continued
to misudnerstand you. Not so that you can fail to explain something as
apparently elementary as what a Python program is supposed to do, with
examples of use.

Now, it isn't my group -- in fact, it doesn't *belong* to anybody. Of all
the technical newsgroups I've visitied, is probably the one most
tolerant of off-topic postings, vide the length and volume of this thread.
You have been taken far more seriously than any of your postings would
suggest you deserve. Maybe is good therapy because its denozens are
so polite. But I would ask you, if you have any ability at all to comprehend
what is said to you: please, stop this facile drivel, and start talking
about Python.

If you need help achieving explicit, clearly-stated goals using Python, then is the group for you. If you simpy want to continue your recruitment
attempts for some band of visionary loonies then please transfer your
attentions (and most of all your postings) to alt.visionary.loonies, and
don't come back.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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