Where are Cameron Laird's Sunworld articles

Brian Elmegaard brian at rk-speed-rugby.dk
Tue Jan 29 03:52:05 EST 2002

"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at home.com> writes:

> "Cameron Laird" <claird at starbase.neosoft.com> wrote in message
>  > Folks with questions such as this are welcome to e-mail me
> directly.
> > I've got addresses all over the 'Net, and shouldn't be hard to find.
> > Perhaps I'll say it this way--is anyone having trouble finding a way
> > to reach me?
> Not if they enter "Cameron Laird" into google.com, which gives your
> home page as first response.  Adding Python or Sunworld or "regular
> expressions" shortens result-lists somewhat.
Sure, I know I am not too bright, but I thought the question might
interest this whole group as there are pointers to the article on
Cameron's home page, on python.org and on google.

Moreover, (of course) I tried googling for half an hour before
The most precise searches I tried such as:
didn't point me to "GUI toolkits: What are your options?", only to:
(which is a coming from a link on python.org:
and still I haven't found it.

I could have contacted Cameron personally, and I may do in a future,
similar request. However, if somebody here except Cameron had answered
before himself, I would have found it earlier. 

Brian (remove the sport for mail)
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\TeX, tak.

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